Finmatic & Payrise


Comprehensive Financial Solution to Meet Business Needs

Utilizing Finmatic's cutting-edge core banking modules, Payrise streamlines international money transfers, enabling users to conduct transactions swiftly and securely. This innovation establishes a new standard for speed and security in the global finance industry.

Multi-currency accounts
SEPA and SWIFT payments
Currency Exchange
Personal and business accounts

Fully Digital Client Onboarding

Finmatic's financial whitelabel platform modules, including KYC, AML, Digital Documentation, Account Opening and API Integration, ensure a fast and easy online onboarding process for Payrise with the help of third-party providers. These advanced modules streamline identity verification, compliance checks, document management, and account creation, allowing businesses and individuals to set up their payment accounts in just days.

Security & protection
Remote ID verification
Easy account opening
Compliance to policies & regulations

Integration for Global Business Empowerment

Experience a seamless combination of cutting-edge technology with Payrise, ensuring a secure, hassle-free financial experience that empowers your business to excel in the competitive global marketplace.

Finmatic Core-Banking Software Modules

Finmatic’s financial software presents a reliable, flexible, and cost-efficient solution, offering businesses a comprehensive and streamlined approach to managing their financial operations.

SEPA reachable IBANs, vIBANs and wallets


Currency exchange

PIN reset, 2FA

AML, KYC & Onboarding


Multi-user accounts

Open API modules

Faster payments, bacs, chaps